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Welcome to Mary Coleman Wellness


Why work with me?

If you're here, you have already decided that you want to make changes in your life. Now, you're looking for a little help.

For some of us, our health comes into sharp focus when we are told by our health practitioner that there is a problem.

For others, we just realize that our life is just not going the way we had hoped. We realize that there is a lack of balance in our life.

I am an experienced yoga teacher and holistic health coach. I use a blend of yoga and practical, sustainable practices to help my clients come into a deeper awareness of themselves which then allows real change to take place.

As a holistic health coach, I work with my clients to bring awareness to all of the parts of their lives: career, education, leisure-time, exercise, home environment, financial, health, relationships and spirituality (your core belief systems). 

Working together, we establish your health and lifestyle goals. We create simple and sustainable strategies to achieve those goals. You implement the strategies and I provide support to hold you to your commitment to yourself!

For many of us, making our well-being a priority feels selfish. It isn't! When you make your well-being a priority, you create an environment of wellness and nurturing that you can share with everyone around you! This single act has the power to change the world.

Are you ready to make YOU your priority? 

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Eating Well is the Key to Change

When we eat well, we create a strong foundation to implement the lifestyle changes to improve our health and lives.

But what does it mean to eat well?

Eating well means:
  • eating delicious whole foods
  • lovingly prepared 
  • in the right proportions
  • with a balance of the six tastes
  • in a loving and supportive environment
  • with regularity